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Program: Tony Buck & Freeze (24.06.21), Anthony Pateras & Edka Jarząb (02.09.21), Lucas Kœnig & Michał Dymny, Biliana Voutchkova & Teoniki Rożynek (02.12.21)

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Tony Buck & Krzysztof Ostrowski Thursday 24.06.2021, 8:00 PM Klub SPATiF, Al. Ujazdowskie 45, Warszawa

Tony Buck, rys. ZbyZiel

Tony Buck

Tony Buck is regarded as one of Australia's most creative and adventurous exports, with vast experience across the globe. He has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects but is probably best known as a member of the trio The Necks. Following studies and early experience in Australia, he spent two years in Japan, where he formed PERIL with Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki before relocating to Europe in the mid-nineties. Some of the more high profile projects he has been involved with, aside from The Necks, include the band Kletka Red, The EX, and The Exiles, and he has collaborated with most of the international improvisation and new music community. He performs solo pieces that often including video and installation elements. He creates video artworks for use with live music performance.

Krzysztof Freeze Ostrowski, rys. ZbyZiel

Krzysztof Ostrowski

Krzysztof “Freeze” Ostrowski is a musician, producer and instrumentalist from Bydgoszcz, most frequently associated with a broadly defined electronic scene. Many sound-related experiences contribute to his artistic activity: music education, years of music production, and even... regular performances in a military band. He efficiently travels through various music areas. His extended set of instruments and broad artistic imagination are the characteristic of an artist who often leans toward experimental solutions. He performs solo, in an audio-visual duo Soundscape Mirror (with Tom Skof), and in many other configurations usually related with Bydgoszcz-founded alternative scene at Mózg club. Together with Mateusz Wysocki Fischerle, he created the IFS duo. ​In 2018, with Kuba Ziołek, he founded the duo Clinamen, which debuted with the album "The tropism of spring" in autumn 2020. ​He recorded and performed with: Piotr Cisak, Grzegorz Pleszynski (Transmemories), improvised orchestra Come Down to Earth, and many others.

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Anthony Pateras & Edka Jarząb Thursday 02.09.2021, 8:00 PM Klub SPATiF, Al. Ujazdowskie 45, Warszawa

Anthony Pateras, rys. ZbyZiel

Anthony Pateras

Anthony Pateras is a composer, pianist and electronic musician active since the late ‘90s. He holds a Masters & PhD from Monash University, which both researched nexuses of composition, improvisation & electronic music. Pateras has been commissioned by INA-GRM, Radio France, Südwestrundfunk, ensemble]h[iatus and Kitchen Orchestra Stavanger. He has received performances from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, BBC & Toronto Symphony Orchestras, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Golden Fur and ICE, among many others. He has written extensively for percussion; his solos Hypnagogics & Mutant Theatre being widely performed, and ensemble works commissioned and premiered by Eklekto, Synergy, Speak Percussion & Percussion Group The Hague. In 2021, his core concern is how electronics & instruments can work together in multi-speaker environments. Since 2012, he has worked on a cycle of solo/tape pieces that explore sonic phenomena through bespoke recording techniques.

Edka Jarząb, rys. ZbyZiel

Edyta Jarząb

Edyta Jarząb practices “deep listening” as a starting point for sound activism. She creates audio spheres (among others for dance theatre) using voice, radio waves, field recording and electronics. She co-creates the social radio channel Radio Kapitał in Warsaw. She is the author of poetic radio plays and sound interventions in urban spaces. Together with the sound artist FOQL, she develops an improvised electro-acoustic live act Mother Earth’s Doom Vibes. They performed at Unsound festival in Cracow and participated in a residency in Biuro Dźwięku in Katowice. Her work based on improvisation was presented during 7. Festiwal Canti Spazializatti, Warszawskie Sanatorium Dźwięku, Aerosol Lab in Berlin and exhibition „Organica. Zapisy Mechaniczne” in Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. She was a resident of the experimental studio WORM in Rotterdam many times and she is a permanent cooperator of an interdisciplinary platform Q-O2 in Brussels.

Lucas König & Michał Dymny Thursday 11.11.2021, 8:00 PM Dom Zabawy i Kultury DZiK, ul. Belwederska 44A, Warszawa

Michał Dymny, rys. ZbyZiel

Lucas König

Reducing the one-man band to its simplest form, Austrian jazz drummer Lucas König used a single wired-up cymbal for this paean to cheap alloy. We crash from mechanical malfunctions to industrial hip hop to metallic micro-techno. It’s wild: a bacchanalian blast of tin can tomfoolery. Sound designer Nik Hummer keeps the pin-balling in check with his modular synths. adding texture. But as Sensational’s rap on the ace “Mr Kiwi’s” tells us repeatedly “flows come and go”. And then some.

Michał Dymny, rys. ZbyZiel

Michał Dymny

Michał Dymny is a multiinstrumentalist, improviser and composer. His main instrument is an electric guitar, playing it he developed his own individual style based on sonoristic techniques and instrument preparations. In 2005 he started working with Cracow based improvisers like Rafał Mazur and Tomek Chołoniewski. Together they started Improvising Artists collective and bands Entropy and Process - Laboratory of Intuition. In the years 2008-2009, he organized Open Sessions - open sessions of free improvised music. In 2013, With Mazu, Chołoniewski and Owczarek he founded Instytu Intuicji - a project devoted to the delevopment of indeterministic forms of artistic creation. The institute’s activity included theoretical reflection on methods of intuitive free improvisation, as well as organizing cyclical concerts with invited guests. He is a permanent member of bands Nucelon and Neal Cassidy. He also created music for film and theatre.

Biliana Voutchkova & Teoniki Rożynek Thursday 02.12.2021, 8:00 PM Klub SPATiF, Al. Ujazdowskie 45, Warszawa

Biliana Voutchkova, rys. ZbyZiel

Biliana Voutchkova

Biliana Voutchkovais a dynamic, thoroughly engaged musician and interdisciplinary artist with a truly personal, unconventional artistic language. Through the prism of listening, her early training in classical music and the following 25 years of development as a contemporary artist-performer, she explores states of spontaneity and intuitive resonance embodied in her multifaceted activities. Her work spans the widest possible range of sound, movement, vision, and includes long durational and multidisciplinary formats, concerts, performances, compositions and installations with a focus on the sound space. Based between Berlin and her rural residency on the coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, she works as a soloist and with renowned ensembles. Among her recent/current projects is her first solo exhibition-performance "Under the veil of consciousness" at One Gallery in Sofia, the development of new non-standard formats presented live and on various digital platforms (ESS Chicago / Option series, Kaleidophon Festival, Moers Festival), the release of her new solo album by the London based label Takuroku, the premieres of "Amati Lenta" (with Olivia Block) and "Golden Delusions" for One Dance Week festival in Plovdiv 2019. Biliana is the founder and curator of the DARA String Festival.

Teoniki Rożynek, rys. ZbyZiel

Teoniki Rożynek

She worked on the production of films such as Prime Time (directed by Jakub Piątek), Wieża. Jasny dzień (directed by Jagoda Szelc), Sole (directed by Carlo Sironi), theatre plays such as Hymn do miłości  directed by Marta Górnicka (music composed for this play was awarded the prize for Best Music at 10. Festiwal Boska Komedia), Listopad directed by Tomasz Węgorzewski (distinction at the thrid edition of festival Klasyka Żywa)), television plays such as Słabi directed by A. Biedrzycki (prize for music at Teatroteka Fest 2019) and performances such as Chorus from the “The Ark of Covenant” by Katarzyna Kozyra.

Super sam + 1 Idea

“Supersam + 1” is a series of master performances. The project focuses mainly on music, however, it also includes other forms of expression such as: performance, multimedia, monodrama. “Supersam + 1” will present respected Polish and foreign artists whose work is original, experimental and innovative.

“SUPER” in the title means that the programme will be based on renowned artists – masters.
“SAM” (from Polish, means „alone”, "by himself/herself") refers to the solo performances as well as the creative loneliness.
“+ 1” in the title means that each evening will be crowned with a duo performance. In most cases, the artists will meet on stage for the first time.

The idea of the name “Supersam” in relation to solo concerts was conceived by clarinettist Jerzy Mazzoll, who organised a series of concerts in Plama club in Gdańsk. The place used to be a local self-service grocery shop that was in 80/90’s was called “supersam”.

Later, in 2013, the project under the name “Supersam” was organised in Bydgoszcz in Mózg. In 2015, during the Warsaw part of the 11th Mózg Festival, a part of the programme was a series of solo concerts. The programme was created in a way that each evening contained two solo performances.

An idea was born to match the artists, who have never played together before, in duos. For many of them, meeting on stage was also the first meeting in their lives.

In 2016, the first edition of the project entitled Supersam + 1 took place. 16 artists presented themselves then. The next 3 editions were carried out in 2017-2019 and 48 artists took part in them. The project series 3 is currently in progress, 2020-2022.

Each evening includes a performance of one artist from abroad and one from Poland.

All invited artists will present their premiere works that have never been performed before. The duos themselves will also be premieres since the artists will be performing together for the first time and creating the newest possible pieces. 

Video recording of all activities and production of documentary films constitute the additional part of the project, which aims at presenting the artists in a close-up.

Sławek Janicki
project curator

Organizer & Partners

Klub Spatif
Project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw


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