Super sam

„SUPERSAM PLUS 1” is a series of solo performances and duos, which will take place over a period of time from September until the end of 2016. The project mainly focuses on music, however, it also includes other means of expression such as performance, multimedia or monodrama. „SUPERSAM PLUS 1” will present respected Polish and foreign artists whose work is original, experimental and innovative.

„SUPER” in the title means that the programme will be based on renowned artists - masters, „SAM” (from Polish, means „alone”, "by himself/herself") refers to the solo performances as well as the creative loneliness. "PLUS 1” reflects the structure of each evening, which will contain two separate solo performances and a duo performance of both artists at the end. Each event involves the participation of one Warsaw based artist.

All invited artists will present their premiere works that have never been performed before. The duos will also be a type of premieres since the artists will be performing together for the first time and creating the newest possible pieces. 

The stay of the artists will be planned in a way that will enable them to meet local artists and audience. Those meetings will take the form of workshops.

Video recording of all activities and production of documentary films constitute the additional part of the project, which aims at presenting the artists in a close-up and their co-operation with local residents during workshops.

Organizer / Partners

„SUPERSAM PLUS 1” will be entirely broadcast by PR2 of Polskie Radio

Concerts: Mózg Powszechny ul. Zamoyskiego 20, Warszawa


Kevin Drumm & Krzysztof Knittel Thursday 8.09.2016, 8:00 PM

Drumm Knittel

Kevin Drumm

Kevin Drumm, emerging from the city's improvised music scene, in the 1990s became one of the world's pre-eminent prepared guitar players. Since then his work has expanded to include electroacoustic compositions and live electronic music made with laptop computers and analogue modular synthesizers. His early recordings contain mostly sparse, quiet sounds; recent works have been more loud and dense.

Drumm has collaborated with many artists working in similar fields, including Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jim O'Rourke, and many European improvisers such as Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson German trumpeter Axel Dörner and P16.D4's Ralf Wehowsky. He has also worked with the artist group Simparch, composing a piece for their installation Spec, shown at Documenta XI in Kassel, Germany and at the Renaissance Society in Chicago.

Krzysztof Knittel

Krzysztof Knittel is a composer and co-creator of many improvised music groups: Grupa Kompozytorska KEW, Niezależne Studo Muzyki Elektroakustycznej, Go-Go Beuys, Pociąg Towarowy, European Improvisation Orchestra, trio CH&K&K, Kawalerowie błotni. He was born in 1947 in Warsaw.

He studied at the Music Academy in Warsaw. He writes music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, choirs. He performs computer and electro-acoustic pieces; he composes for ballet, theatre, film and created sound installations. He co-created Audio-Art festival, was the artistic director of Warszawska Jesień, he created Ad Libitum festival. He is a professor at the Music Academy in Warsaw, he also gave lectures at academies in Kraków and Łódź.

Vitold Rek & Paweł Szamburski Thursday 6.10.2016, 8:00 PM

Rek Szamburski

Vitold Rek

Vitold Rek was born in 1955 in Rzeszów. He is a graduate of the Music Academy in Kraków. In 1977 he became the bass player for Jan Wróblewski’s and Ewa Demarczyk’s bands. In 1978-81 he played with Sun Ship. In late 70’s he began the fifteen-year-long co-operation with Tomasz Stańko. In 1984 he started his own bands Basspace and The Spark. After he left to Germany he continued his activity as double bass player, composer and producer. Vitold Rek teaches at Hochschule für Musik w Mainz in Germany. In June 2011 he played in Schloss Bellevue in Berlin for Bronisław Komorowski and the German president Christian Wullf. In August od 2012 he played at the double bass players’ festival BASS2012 in Copenhagen. Vitold Rek received 2013 Hesse Jazz Award, the prize awarded by the Hesse Ministry of Science and Art in Wiesbaden, Germany. Minister of State, Eva Kühne-Hörmann commented: “Vitold Rek has been one of the most important protagonists of the Frankfurt jazz scene for over two decades and also enjoys an excellent international reputation”. This year (2016) he was rewarded by the Office of the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship for the whole of the creative work.

Paweł Szamburski

born in 1980 in Warsaw, is a clarinettist, improviser and cultural activist. He studied at the Department of the Anthropology of Culture and Musicology at the University of Warsaw. He co-creates an independent label LadoAbc and Stowarzyczenie Artystyczne Lado, an environment whose consistent over a dozen years long musical and cultural activity caused a dynamic development of new music in Poland. Szamburski is a member of Sza / Za duo, which composes music for film, theatre, silent cinema and modern dance. He also created a cycle of improvised music events called „Djazzpora”.

Evan Parker & Jerzy Mazzoll Thursday 20.10.2016, 8:00 PM

Parker Mazzoll

Evan Parker

Evan Parker began to play the saxophone at the age of 14. Initially he played alto; by 1960 he had switched to tenor and soprano. In 1962 he went to Birmingham University to study botany but a trip to New York prompted a change of mind. Parker is best known for his solo soprano saxophone music, a singular body of work that in recent years has centred around his continuing exploration of techniques such as circular breathing, split tonguing, overblowing, multiphonics and cross-pattern fingering. These are technical devices, yet Parker's use of them is, he says, less analytical than intuitive; he has likened performing his solo work to entering a kind of trance-state. The resulting music is certainly hypnotic, an uninterrupted flow of snaky, densely-textured sound that Parker has described as „the illusion of polyphony”.

Jerzy Mazzoll

is known as one of the most interesting clarinettists in Poland. Playing, he combines elements of classical and contemporary music. He created his own unique playing techniques. He performed with many renowned artists, such as: Django Bates, Alfred Harth, Jeffrey Morgan, Vytautas Labutis, Niels Landgren, Roscoe Mitchell. He created music for avant-garde films and installations (Bolero, Point City, Midnight Shakespeare), which were made in Poland, Netherlands and Germany. He also made music for a film directed by J. Maruszewski “jutro będzie niebo as well as a documentary “Słowa jak ściany”. Together with R. Knuth he created a scenic form called diffusion as part of Diffusion Ensemble project, where he participated in shows alongside artists such as Harald Naegeli, Jenny Holzer or Felix Droese.

Sylvie Courvoisier & Jan Młynarski Thursday 17.11.2016, 8:00 PM

Courvoisier Młynarski

Sylvie Courvoisier

is a pianist, composer, sideman and band leader. She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1998 she moved to New York and has lived in Brooklyn ever since. Courvoisier has led several groups over the years and has recorded over 40 records for different labels, notably ECM, Tzadik and Intakt records. She has been commissioned to write music for concerts, radio, dance and theater. Commissions include the Vidy Theater of Lausanne, Pro Helvetia and Germany's Donaueschingen Musiktage Festival. Since 1995, she has been touring widely in USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. Currently, she co-leads the Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Feldman Quartet with Scott Colley and Billy Mintz. She is also the leader of her own quintet Lonelyville and her new trio with Kenny Wollesen and Drew Gress. She performs regularly solo and in a duo with violinist Mark Feldman. She is a member of Mephista, an improvising trio with Ikue Mori and Susie Ibarra and she also plays in an improvising trio with Ellery Eskelin and Vincent Courtois. Since 2010, she has been working as a pianist and composer with the new project of the flamenco dancer Israel Galvan „La Curva”.

Jan Emil Młynarski

born in Warsaw in 1979, is a drummer, producer, street singer. He graduated from the prestigious school Drummers Collective in New York. Since 1999 he was present on the professional music arena. He started with punk rock when he was a teenager. Initially he took percussion lessons with Czesław „Mały” Bartkowski. In 1998 he started playing in Wojtek Pilichowski’s band and started his career as a session musician with the leading characters of Polish commercial arena (Kayah, Cesaria Evora, Reni Jusis, Sistars, Smolik, Edyta Górniak, Jon Lord (ex.Deep Purple), Maryla Rodowicz, Adam Sztaba, Paulina Przybysz, Novika, Kora…).

He is a creator and the leader of duo 15 Minut Projekt which ended its activity in 2005. He plays the drums with bands Oszibarack and Nervy. He is a co-creator of a due with Joanna Duda called J=J with which they supported Skalpel during concerts.

For a few years now he has been associated with Warsaw independent music arena. He is a member of a record label and association LADO ABC. He plays in a duo ALEXIS with Małgorzata Penkalla, he is the leader of POLE band (with Piotr Zabrodzki and Michał Górczyński). He creates 67,5 MINUT PROJEKT with Macio Moretti and Piotr Zabrodzki, he is also a member of BAABA band, with which he performs regularly. He is also the leader of WARSZAWSKIE COMBO TANECZNE which plays traditional Warsaw melodies and songs. Toghether with Gaba Kulka he formed MŁYNARSKI PLAYS MŁYNARSKI which interprets his father’s, Wojciech Młynarski, songs in his own way.

He performs in „Głosy Gór” project with Janusz Olejniczak, Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka under the baton of Jerzy Maksymiuk. He regularly participates in improvised concert sessions.

Barry Guy & Marcin Masecki Thursday 24.11.2016, 8:00 PM

Guy Masecki

Barry Guy

is an innovative double bass player and composer. His creative diversity in the fields of jazz improvisation, solo recitals, chamber and orchestral performance is the outcome of an unusually varied training and a zest for experimentation, underpinned by a dedication to the double bass and the ideal of musical communication. He is founder and Artistic Director of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra for which he has written several extended works. Guy's works have a sense of freshness without recourse to ideological excesses or scores that baffle players to the extent that performance becomes a trial. The scores, however, are virtuosic, and as a performer himself, Guy is ideally placed to assess and exploit the possibilities of innovative sonorities using extended instrumental techniques.

Marcin Masecki

born in 1982, is a pianist, composer and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He leads or is a member of various projects with from a wide spectrum of music styles. He creatively crosses the lines between certain genres as well as between the so called high and low art. He currently is a member of an international rock band PARISTETRIS, he is a leader of a jazz sextet PROFESJONALIZM and a brass orchestra consisting of 10 members called POLONEZY. His parallel passion is classical music that he presents in an unorthodox way and most often in nonorthodox places. He usually plays his personalised 6-octave piano and in his musical interpretations tries to revive the monuments of European culture.

Steve Buchanan & Qba Janicki Thursday 1.12.2016, 8:00 PM

Buchanan Janicki

Steve Buchanan

has the rare distinction of having made a name for himself professionally in two fields, music and dance respectively. He has been what is presently called a transdisciplinary or multi disciplinary artist since the 1970’s

He has also been a player of what is in current vernacular called „NOISE and IMPROV MUSIC” since the 1970's. As well as playing alto sax and guitar he is also the inventor of the 2nd Line Tranz Danz Floor, a digital interface instrument on which he creates music by dancing. With this instrument he has performed worldwide for fascinating audiences young and old alike on every continent.

Qba Janicki

since he was little, he has been associated with the artistic environment of Mózg club in Bydgoszcz. He graduated from the Music Academy in Cracow in the percussion class of Łukasz Żyta. As a stage musician he played hundreds of concerts and performed with artists such as: Jerzy Mazzoll, Sławek Janicki, Kris Wanders, Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Buchanan, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Bartłomiej Chmara, Risa Takita, Stefan Węgłowski, Tomasz Sroczyński and many symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. At the moment, he plays in Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, Mazzoll/Janicki/Janicki, Bambuko, Hania Piosik/Qba Janicki, Kondensator Przepływu. Apart from being a musician he is also a producer, who creates music for theatrical plays and radio plays for theatres Stary, Powszechny and Polski. He produced music for a documentary depicting the character of Daniel Wallace for the Australian public broadcaster ABC. He made his mark on the hip hop stage with the production of the album Hore by legendary rapper Vienio. In addition, together with his father, he co-runs Mózg club in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw. Being a co-founder of Mózg Foundation and a member Mózg Artistic Association he co-organizes dozens of artistic events every year as well as flagship projects Mózg Festival and Letnie Pranie Mózgu.

Toshinori Kondō & Marek Chołoniewski Thursday 8.12.2016, 8:00 PM

Kondo Choloniewski

Toshinori Kondō

(December 15, 1948) is an avant-garde jazz and jazz fusion trumpeter. Kondo attended Kyoto university in 1967. In 1978 he moved to New York, and began performing with Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Fred Frith, and Eraldo Bernocchi. A year later he released his first recording, toured Europe with Eugene Chadbourne, and collaborated with European musicians such as Peter Brotzman. In the mid-1980s he began focusing on his own career, blending his avant-garde origins with electronic music. In 2002, he worked on an international peace festival in Hiroshima after being approached by the Dalai Lama about organizing one. He is a former member of Praxis. He founded the band Kondo IMA in 1984. Kondo IMA achieved commercial success but moved to Amsterdam to be alone and to start "Blow the Earth" in 1993. They started „Blow the Earth in Japan” in the summer of 2007 and ended in the autumn of 2011. The film Blow the Earth in Japan is his first experience as a film director.

Marek Chołoniewski

born 1953, in Kraków, is a composer, sound artist, performer and teacher. He is the Head of the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the Academy of Music in Krakow, the Founder and President of Muzyka Centrum Art Society and Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music. Since 2011, he’s been the President of International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music and Director of Audio Art Festival in Krakow. He founded many groups and ensembles, among others: Freight Train, ch&k&k, dizzy kinetics. He received Honorable Award of the Polish Composers Union, Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as the Independent Project grant of the CEC ArtsLink in New York.

Kazuhisa Uchihashi & Jerzy Rogiewicz Thursday 15.12.2016, 8:00 PM

Uchihashi Rogiewicz

Kazuhisa Uchihashi

A composer, electric guitar and daxophone player, music producer, based in Berlin. He experimented thoroughly with many different kinds of machines and sound-devices to expand the expression possibilities of the electric guitar. He also composed music for films, theatre plays and dance routines. He has been working with a japanese theatre group ISHINHA for more than 27 years. He has been conducting his rock-oriented powerful improvised band Altered States for 23 years. Uchihashi was invited to hundreds of music festival and New Music Action Workshop for young musicians in many countries. Since 1996 to 2007 he has been organizing the New Music festival BEYOND INNOCENCE.

Jerzy Rogiewicz

A percussionist, pianist and a composer. He graduated from Krakow Academy of Music, where he studied composition with Zbigniew Bujarski, Krzysztof Penderecki and Magdalena Długosz (computer music). He is a member of an independent Warsaw-based label Lado ABC. He has performed and recorded with numerous bands and artists, such as Levity, Pink Freud, Der Father, Futoma Ensemble, Marcin Masecki’s Sextet, Toshinori Kondo,Tomasz Duda, Dj Lenar, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Fred Frith. His interest as a composer ranges from post-classical music to children songs.


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